Friday, 11 July 2014

picking berries

Another fine day, cool breeze from the north, with lots of sunshine.

A day to pick berries.

The whitecurrants and backcurrants are ripe, well they feel softish, but still quite sharp in flavour.  I have not grown them before, so I am guessing that they are ready to pick.

The whitecurrants are transparent, they remind me of fish eggs.

This is the total crop of blackcurrants.

Room for improvement.
The red gooseberries are sweet and starting to split.

As I have been shelling the broad beans this year, I have noticed that though the pods are all the same, some beans are green and some are pink.

I know I sowed all red beans, because they were the only ones I saved last year. I can only assume that the Red Epicure cross-pollinated with either the Wikiem Manita, or the Bunyards Exhibition which were growing a few yards away.
They all taste pretty much the same, though some family members suspect the red ones have a stronger flavour than the green.

I have set aside a stand of beans for next year's seed, which presumably will also be of mixed parentage. Maybe I will develop a new strain of beans.  "Anne's Special Pink" perhaps?

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