Thursday, 31 July 2014

soil miller

Anne has a new gadget, she is like a dog with two tails... a soil miller.

It is great so far.  Using it is well within my physical limits, and very satisfying. It works well on dry soil, the lumps in the photo look big, but are tiny compared to before.  I should've taken some before and after pics, usual..didn't think of it in time.
anyway, here's an after pic...

I have scattered chicken pellets and sprinkled rock dust and hopefully it will rain before tomorrow, when I am planning to plant the leeks that have so patiently been waiting for their start in the big world.

 The bees are loving the nasturtiums...

the bum of a bumble bee diving in head first...

There are loads of blackfly on the nasturtiums too.  The theory is that the aphids stay on them and leave the courgettes and beans alone, but I don't think anybody told the blackfly. I sometimes think it just gives them a nice place to breed and spread out from.

I found some more onions that had rotted at the roots and this did look like white rot.  I wonder if I should lift all the onions to stop it spreading.

Is it coincidence that the two years where there has been white rot (in different parts of the garden) is the two years when we have had long dry spells of weather?

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