Friday, 18 July 2014

taking down the broad beans

I noticed when I was picking the latest bucket of broad beans, that there were quite a few stems with no beans attached. Time for them to go.  So, picking as I went, I began cutting the bean stalks down, gathering a bucketful of beans as I went.

When I got halfway I had had enough and left the rest for another day.

All gone. 
I would like to leave the tops to degrade on the soil and let the stumps re-grow some more beans, but I need the bed for the leeks which have been waiting patiently for a place to grow. Anyway I have had enough broad beans for the moment.

All the beans have been podded and sorted into sizes. All the small ones went into the freezer and the big ones have been dehydrated for soups and stews through the winter.

The shallots are ready to pull, in fact some of them were lying loose on the surface.

Now the maincrop onions are starting to turn over.  Onion city, man!

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  1. I love broad beans and mourn their passing. Saying that, I don't think we grew as many as you have! This had been by far the best of our three years for onions, yours look great too.