Thursday, 10 July 2014

the season wears on

There has been a few days of heavy showers alternating with bright sunshine, so the plot has caught up on its hydration. Not enough to have standing water but enough to set everything off growing again.  The squash seems to have doubled in size since the last photo.

Of course, so have the weeds...

I was a bit concerned when I saw the colour of the leaves on the courgettes, but then I remembered...

they are yellow courgettes.

I'm pleased to say that nothing much is happening in the garden, except plants growing as they are supposed to.

The berries are ripening, the red gooseberries have lived up to their name..

the red, white and blackcurrants are all soon to be picked.  The whites have won in the quantity race..

(sorry its a bit blurry) there are only a few blackcurrants, but I think the birds might have got at them before I put the netting up, and the redcurrants haven't really recovered from being moved last year.  I must admit though that I am not altogether sure what to do with whitecurrants, I wonder if whitecurrant jam or jelly would work.

The thornless blackberry has plenty of blossom, promising a good crop.

 All the winter onions are up and drying, I knew that old length of fencing would come in useful, and the now empty bed has a couple of rows of sugar snap peas.  I know its getting towards the end of the season, but given a good summer they might make it. 

 This mass of nasturtiums was a single row down the middle of the asparagus bed.

 The Wilja potatoes have gone a yellowish green and look as if they are starting to die back, and even though they still haven't flowered, they must be ready now. Look out friends and family, potatoes coming your way! At least I will have somewhere to plant the leeks soon.

The garlic is drying nicely in the shed.

The kale is looking magnificent, pity we don't like it very much.  Though I have just heard of a way of cooking it that might appeal more than kale just steamed.

At home:
tomatoes and peppers


the first ripe tomato-sungold

hostas looking almost undamaged.

The amaryllis leaves have started to die back, so they are being allowed to dry out for a couple of months.  I must try not to forget about them, they will need potting up in November.

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  1. Everything looking lovely in the sunshine. I love kale! Have you tried kale chips? They go amazingly crispy, well worth googling. Kale also goes great in Asian stir-fry, or I usually just cook it in a frying pan for a few minutes with a knob of butter and some water or stock.