Tuesday, 29 July 2014

watering, watering

At this time of the year the main tasks are weeding, tying in wandering foliage, and picking.  
The soil is baked hard after the rainless weeks and the odd shower we have had hasn't broken it up much, so the weeding is a slow business.
I'm picking, but again because of the dryness, the beans haven't been growing as fast as usual.  I am watering daily, but it isn't as effective as a day of rain.

I'm harvesting Wilja potatoes and runner beans.  Some of the potatoes are green which means I didn't earth them up enough. At the time of planting, I didn't want to put them in too deep because it was so wet and I didn't want them sitting in water for weeks. I will not grow so many next year.

The shallots are all up and drying.  

A few maincrop onions have started to rot at the roots, I hope that isn't a sign of things to come.  It doesn't look like white rot, maybe they have been too dry.

The summer fruiting bushes have all done their business as best they can, and the autumn fruiting blackberry has lots of potential fruits ready to go....

The strawberries have finished fruiting, so I am rooting runners as and when I spot a likely candidate.

I sowed two rows of peas here, but only about 40% have come up.  Dryness, germination, mice, birds? Who knows? The world is a tough place for baby plants.

  The yellow courgettes are supposed to be climbing , so climb they will!...

Whether they like it or not!

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