Friday, 15 August 2014

Apple tree potted up

If you remember I planted two new apple trees in the plot in November 2012.  One died in 2013 (Howgate Wonder) and the other (Kidd's Orange) has limped along looking sick.  It grew new leaves in the spring but they never looked healthy.  So as part of the plan to revitalise that corner of the plot, it has been dug up and transplanted into a pot. I probably should have waited until the dormant period, but I want to get on with it before the winter. It hadn't grown much since I planted it 19 months ago, so the root ball wasn't too big to dig out.

I can't decide whether to buy some planks and make raised beds in that corner, because I have a feeling that the problem with that corner might be soggy soil.  But I am really just guessing, as it doesn't seem wet at all at the moment.  Maybe I should just dig it over and add a load of soil improver to improve the drainage and then see how it goes.

The next thing is to take out the surplus gooseberry bushes.  I have 3 pot grown Jostaberries (Suttons, 3 for £12.99 +£4.99 postage) to take their place when the ground has been sorted out.

I also think I will remove the old apple trees, well, at least one of them is really sick and the other is not quite so sick, so one is definitely going. The other? We'll see, it depends on how hard it is to get the bad one out. It seems loose at the base but I have a feeling that it won't be as easy as it looks, it never is.

I did some volunteer work on the plant scheme plot this morning.  It is the day I used to volunteer at Moorbank, so I will set aside Friday mornings to do some weeding on plot 86 instead. After the rain the soil is nice and loose so the weeds came out a treat.  Lots of bindweed, lots and lots. I used my soil miller on it after weeding and it looks beautiful.

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