Thursday, 28 August 2014

detail on the potatoes

At a glance the Desiree looks good, and to be fair, about two thirds are looking pretty. 

I have discarded a few which were disgustingly rotten, but some are like this...

 A strange scaly surface, but when I cut into it the flesh is clean and white, so I will keep those and see how they get on in storage. I have no idea what causes this effect.

Some are like this, with obvious slug damage.  I haven't seen any other critter to blame for it, so Slug, you are It. These ones are discarded.

 Some are like this, green (which shows as brown on a pink potato) on the uppermost side.  Mea culpa!  Seed potato planted too near the surface. Some have been discarded but some tubers which aren't too badly affected, I have kept, because I read somewhere, that if they are kept in the dark and they aren't too green, they lose their green patches.  Worth a try to see if that works.

And some are like this, a bit warty.  Again, like the scaly ones, the potato underneath seems fine so I am keeping them. And again I have no idea what causes this. I have read that too much lime can cause scabbing, and although I cannot remember liming that bed, I might have done it when the previous crop (brassica) was planted last year.

I was trimming the spirea hedge between the plots, and accidentally liberated two winter spaghetti squash which were making a break for the next allotment.  I think they have done their growing, but they still need time to mature and develop flavour, which ideally is best done while still attached to the plant.  They will just have to make do with the greenhouse.

A bumper haul of produce today, just as well I have Pram to help me.

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