Saturday, 2 August 2014

killing time in the shed

With the mother and father of all thunder storms looming in the distance, I emptied one bed of potatoes, only two more left.  I really don't know what got into me at planting time, some sort of potato fever.  Why I planted so many is a mystery.

This half bucket is the product from four plants.  It doesn't seem much, but that bed was saturated for quite a long time, so I wasn't really expecting any more.  They have been very nice so far, tasty, if a little floury and very clean.

Then the rain arrived with a bang and my new shed provided me with shelter and a place to sit. I even was able to while away the time it took to pass over, potting on some basil, cutting down the black cherry tomato which has only one fruit on it, taking selfies and reading my current e-book on my mobile phone.  Ain't technology wunnerful!
(By the way, the selfies are not for publication over the internet)

Then the sun peeped out and I took the opportunity to depart, toot sweet.

We had a lovely meal of fresh lemon sole with an allotment mix-up of onions, yellow courgettes, tomatoes (fandango) and green peppers (mohawk)

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