Tuesday, 26 August 2014

maincrop potatoes out

 Desiree looking pink and beautiful, although if you could look closer, you would see quite a few slug holes and quite a few scabby ones.  Some of them were squishy rotten and they went into a separate bag to go home, to be disposed of in the ordinary refuse collection.  I'm not sure whether it is blight but just in case I'm not putting it on the compost heap. 

This is the result of two beds, not an awful lot, but enough for us.  I won't do maincrop potatoes next year, I don't know why I did this year, just got carried away in the allotment shop.

The spaghetti squash has started to die back as there is a lot of mildew on the leaves, apparently that is a sign of the plant being dry at the roots. This seems very perverse of the plant, why does it produce so many leaves that it means the rain water can't reach the soil?

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