Saturday, 9 August 2014

monster squash

I have started to mow the nasturtiums as green manure. I should've started sooner as they have already produced lots of seeds, but the bees were enjoying them so much I didn't want to spoil their fun.
I haven't done it all because my shears are rubbish and only gave it a nasty chew.  (How is it that you never seem to be able to sharpen shears, or scissors for that matter, successfully? It seems such a waste.)  I will have to get the strimmer at it.

 This squash must be about a foot long and very heavy....

There it is lurking in the depths.  They've gone mad this year, they have sent leaders through to the next plot, into the potato bed and are dipping toes in the pond now!

Sadly, the sweet peas don't look so happy, not sure why, but I think they will be coming out pretty soon.

 The nigella is looking good...another flower being enjoyed by the insects, there were lots of hoverflies around them

 And the eschscholzia I sowed this year has turned out a different colour to the other ones...very pretty.

Pulled out some more onions. Some of the ones I pulled out last week, have dried in the sunshine and don't look as badly damaged as I first thought. I will still need to use them as soon as possible, but at least they aren't a total loss.
I see onion soup and pasta sauce ahead.

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