Tuesday, 19 August 2014

sowing green manures

Turned a bit colder today, for the first time this summer I wondered where my gloves were.  That was early though, by the time the sun came out it was cardigan warm, but not short sleeves warm.

Picking beans to day to take with me to see our oldest son in Hexham.  (Probably a bit like coals to Newcastle, taking fresh veg to the country.)
I am growing some french beans as part of Which? magazine's seed trial, but I must say although the beans are very nice, there isn't many. The runners and the dwarf purple french beans knock spots off them for quantity.
On the subject of beans the broad beans I have grown for next year's seeds are looking about ready to harvest.

Most have turned brown, which presumably indicates ripeness.

Sowed the two small beds with a green manure, buckwheat. 

Most of the beds are emptying now, the only winter crops I am planning are winter onions and garlic.
I will also need a clean bed for the strawberry runners I have pegged down into pots.  They mostly seem to have taken well, all except the latest one which I forgot to water in and is looking very droopy. It might recover, they seem to be pretty resilient.

The other beds I will sow with green manure plants as they become vacant; the already mentioned buckwheat, phacelia and red clover.  I will also use up the pea seeds and last years seed beans as a green manure.

The above is another Which? seed trial. A kind of double cosmos, very pretty.

The latest plotplan

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