Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wilja finished

Cleared the beds of Wilja (2nd early potato) Not a great harvest, but I didn't really expect much after the early growing conditions. Most pretty clean, a few with slug holes and a few with green patches.

I finished cutting the nasturtiums down, the strimmer worked a treat. I hope it doesn't matter that I cut down the asparagus ferns at the same time.

 The broad beans I sowed for next year's seed are starting to blacken and altogether look a right mess.

We got a boiling of french beans at last and very lovely they were too.  There were these Purple Queen dwarf and some Monte Cristo climbing beans, steamed for a few minutes and served with a bit of butter... Mmmm, delicious!

The cucumbers have decided to procreate at last, but I am not sure at what size to pick them.  The packet says pick them small but doesn't give any clue what size "small" is. I picked two early in the season at about 3 inches long and they were bitter. Was that because of their size or their gender?

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