Thursday, 4 September 2014


I spent the afternoon looking at possible candidates for the allotment show, but I think, truthfully, that there isn't much that is good-looking enough to enter.
The great hope, the spaghetti squash, turned (literally) out to have a darker side

 Looks good doesn't it?

But underneath.....

I thought that maybe the beetroot would be better...

But all except one are a bit small, and even that one had a borehole in it.  The three chioggia on the right are the most well matched of all, but only golf ball sized.

I picked a load of runner beans, some of them so big you could fell a passing burglar with it...

Tomorrow, when I have more energy and persistence, I will spread them out and try to find 6 matching beans.
I do have some other things, so I haven't given up yet, I have french beans, blackberries, peppers both sweet and hot, jam, chutney, pickle.
Pictures in the next exciting instalment.

But nothing is lost if I don't enter anything, it is all edible, even the cracked squash.  And the hunky beans will be podded and frozen for use through the winter.

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