Wednesday, 10 September 2014

here and there

The potatoes are out now and the bed sown with red clover...

....which is germinating already.

I have evicted the nasturtiums and friends and the asparagus bed is returned.

The jostaberry bushes have all taken nicely and are sprouting new leaves.

 My friend Pat gave me some American land cress, which is very similar to watercress in taste, nice and peppery, but doesn't need the water so much.  (I'm sure it is the same as a plant I have been pulling out for ever as a weed.)

 The punnet of broad beans below are the produce from half a dozen bean plants, and far more seeds than I am going to need next year.  Some red ones and some white ones because of cross fertilization, with red epicure, bunyards exhibition and wikiem manita in the running as possible parents.

The dehyrator is dead, long live the dehydrator!  Got a stealth version this time, I hope it lasts longer than the last one

Beetroot crisps being made as I write.

Still picking lots of french beans, this is the second kilo in two days. I'm running out of neighbours to give them to.

 The phacelia that I left standing is being much appreciated by the bees.  They really do love phacelia.

 All except one tomato plant has been taken down in the greenhouse.  I am saving those last few Sungold for seed for next year.

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