Saturday, 27 September 2014

more green manure

Looking at my leeks, some are looking quite well developed...

while others are looking a bit delicate.

Also quite a few are already showing signs of rust for which there is no cure.  RHS advice is to strip off the affected leaves, and my fave website goes for watering with a potash solution.  So I have covered all bases by stripping off as many of the rusty leaves as I could spot, watering with potash to give the plants a boost and topped it off by spraying with a fungicide.

We'll see what happens.

I have cleared three beds, again! and sowed green manure (winter mix). I can't remember what it is but there is defintely some grass seeds in there and what looks like mustard seed.

 One bed down, two to go...

I love that soil miller..

The third bed is the squash and gherkin bed, which are now defuncted.  Not growing gherkins again, complete losers, the lot of them.

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