Saturday, 6 September 2014

Show Day

I know, dear readers, that you will be all agog to know how the show went...and you will be pleased to know that it did very well.  Even though the weather was a bit dull and at one point a few spots of rain were felt, there was a good turn out.   Funds were raised on the sale of preserves, produce and plants and plenty of raffle tickets were bought. The barbecue and the baked goods were popular and Liz's excellent carrot cake was complimented by all who tasted it.

The show itself had quite a lot of entries, but I would say the standard wasn't as high as last year's.

I decided to enter purple french beans,

some runner beans, even though I knew they were not show standard, they are all a bit too big or a bit too small...

a sweet pepper and some hot peppers (strangely these seeds all came in the one packet of Mohawk sweet pepper seeds, but one plant turned out to have hot peppers, the rest are sweet) that look very pretty...

and a picking of blackberries, which won 1st prize for a plate of soft fruit

I found another spaghetti squash that didn't have an enormous crack, smaller but with fewer flaws, which won a 2nd in the any other vegetable class

A jar of pickled baby beetroots won a 1st

and three small hot peppers won a 2nd.

After it was all over and we all helped to clear the tables and leftover books away, I came home with 5 surplus courgettes, 2 dahlias and sore feet.

An ice lolly and a sit-down was in order...

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