Monday, 1 September 2014

Strawberry runners

There are several beds empty now,  I had prepared a bed for the strawberry runners, but then changed my mind at the last minute and instead they have gone into the small beds at the wet end. 

Why? A whim! One of the good things about have a space that belongs only to you is that you can change your mind any time you like...and I do!

The reasoning is...the onions that were in the small beds had some white rot (I don't know where that came from as the beds were mostly filled with council soil improver which is supposed to have been sterilized, and, indeed, was still steaming when it was delivered) and that means no alliums should be grown in that spot for about three years. Strawberries like sunny and well-drained, which describes the raised beds now, and they can stay there for at least three years, all being well.

The strawberry runners were looking good to go...some even had runners of their own..

They are planted, with a complete lack of foresight, in the beds where I had, only 10 days ago, sown buckwheat as a green manure. Doh!
The buckwheat has germinated nicely, as you see from the photo above, and would normally be allowed to grow a lot bigger, had I planned it properly, or even at all!

Working clockwise from top left;
  1.  phacelia, half chopped and half left to flower.  I have some leftover strawberry plantlets which will go in there when the rest of the phacelia gets cut down.
  2. strawberries planted in among the buckwheat
  3. buckwheat hoed in first and strawberries planted
  4. strawberries.
All planted in the same way... planting hole dug with a handful of GrowOrganic sprinkled in.

It is the Allotment Show next week, I will have to see what I can muster up to show.  The Carrot Man is safe this year as we ate our potential show carrots a few weeks ago.

I think I have some jam that I could enter...

But I might have picked these blackberries too soon for the show

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