Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The season is turning

Not much going on at the moment.
Not watering much because most things are getting near the end of their productive lives for this year, and of course, it has rained a bit lately.
The squash foliage has died back, I left the gherkins because there are a few fruits still growing, but I don't think they will come to anything.  They have been disappointing this year, many of the cucumbers were bitter.  No idea why, but none of the La Diva or Marketmore that I grew last year were like that.

 This is most of the squash harvest, there are four more at home and one went over the wall to the next plot.  That is considerably more than the two we managed last year. I don't know how long they will keep.

One of them has been eaten by something, probably snails, but surprisingly, none of the skins on any of the others have been broken.

 The courgettes are still producing female only fruits, there has only been a handful of decent sized  fruits the whole summer.
The sweet pea wigwam is down, at the end there was one plant flowering bravely. I didn't save any of the seed pods as they were such poor plants.  I will buy new next season, the King's catalogue is by my bedside.

The dwarf beans have finished, but the climbing beans are still producing profusely. I am starting to accost strangers in the street, offering free French or runner beans.

I sowed some sugar snap peas in the winter onion bed and there they are!  I tried one but it didn't taste of anything yet.

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