Saturday, 18 October 2014

Another bed cleared

This bed contained the yellow courgettes, which were a waste of space, and are out now.  The bed has been weeded and milled, some fertilizer added and just for luck, a sprinkling of rockdust. Next thing to go in 

 are the japanese onion sets which have been sprouting in a litter tray at home.  All except one have sprouted, even the tiny ones.

I pulled, or rather prised, the first parsnips out of the ground, and I am quite pleased with them, they are quite a good size even though a bit forked.

I found a good crop of mushrooms in the woodchip path, but I'm not risking eating them as I know absolutely nothing about mushroom toxicity. Bit small anyway.

Some of the shallots were starting to go off, so I pickled some of them.
Also most of the maincrop onions have started to rot both top and bottom, so a lot have been discarded, but I saved enough to fill a few jars of dried sliced onions, which I can use in soups and is quite good crumbled on top of cottage pie.
There still a dozen or so maincrop onions in the garage and there are still a lot of winter onions, which seem to be keeping quite well on the attic stairs.  The onions grown from sets were bigger and are storing better than the onions raised from seed, so I don't think I will bother with seeds next year.  After two poor years for summer onions I may not bother at all and just do winter onions.

I will probably change my mind come Christmas.

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