Tuesday, 21 October 2014

bean frame and a banana

Where the runner and french beans were is now a pile of leaves and stalks.  In previous years I have untangled and snipped the twining stem from the frame, but this year I just undid the strings tying the canes together and pulled them out of the ground and through the beanstalks. Simple! I will leave the detritus to rot down into the soil for next year.

This is a pot of papyrus which lives in the corner of bathroom.
"No!" you may say, "that is not papyrus!" and you would be right, it is a banana, musa ensete to be accurate. Months ago my son gave me the seed as a souvenir from the British Museum, complete with rhino poo compost to grow it in. This seed mustn't have read the book, because it sat looking obdurately seed-like through the rhino poo box rotting away, being repotted twice, sitting on the bathroom windowsill for months until eventually I got fed up with it and stuffed it into the middle of the newly repotted papyrus plants.
Eh voila! Such is the perversity of nature.

I'm not quite sure what to do with it now.

Current plot plan 

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