Friday, 10 October 2014

blackberries pruned, apples picked and observations on tomatoes

It has been raining a bit lately and I haven't been to the plot for a few days.  There isn't that much to do now except cut things down.  I'm waiting for the autumn skip and bonfire night to dispose of some of the rubbish around the plot that is irking me.

The thornless blackberries have had their old wood pruned off, leaving the new wood only. The two main branches stretched a good ten feet on either side of the main root system, and on one side, were encroaching on the loganberry's space, so I have trimmed back the leaders to a reasonable length.

The apples on the old apple tree were starting to fall off so I have picked all the decent sized ones and they are for the dehydrator to provide snacking opportunities pour moi in the near future. I left the small apples for the birds, although I'm sure they would rather have had the big ones, but hey, that's a bird's life. There was only about half a bucket full, and all badly disfigured, but that was more than I thought there would be.

One of the tomato plants (gardeners delight) in the potting shed has been cut down, but the other (marmande) tomato is still going with a few large fruits slowly ripening.  It has produced large sweet tomatoes with a lovely flavour, and I will certainly grow them next year. The plan of allowing two side stems to develop in lieu of height has worked quite well and all three stems have produced fruit. It didn't work quite so well on the Gardener's Delight, which was a much leggier, more vine-like plant. Its side-shoots grew very few fruits for by the time they had flowered, they were up above the window and not getting enough light.

Rainy and cold, and feeling a bit fragile after my shingles jab yesterday, I went home to have an hour under the duvet. Zzzzz!

Sorry no pics as I forgot my phone. (which I try not to do in case I fall again or damage myself while alone on the plot)

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