Thursday, 2 October 2014

still warm

We have had a lovely long summer this year.  It is still really warm and sunny through the day (max 20.3C this afternoon in the back garden), but it was quite sharp this morning (min 5.9C at 7.45 am), no actual frost, but getting there.

There isn't much to do now at the plot except weeding, even the beans and blackberries are slowing down.
I picked some big fat bean pods and I am saving the french beans (monte cristo) for next year's seed as they were pretty productive after a slow start.
The runner bean pods were massive so I shelled them and the beans have gone into the latest batch of that daily necessity, soup.

I sorted through the onion sets and some of them are tiny and I'm sure they will get lost in the clods at the allotment, so I am chitting/sprouting them in a tray full of spent compost.

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