Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Last visit of 2014, probably..

Very frosty today on the first visit for a while, I have only been for the Christmas dinner parsnips (very tasty they were too, if very forked). But too cold to hang around today -1C overnight and climbing to a daytime 1C.

So I stapled a piece of plastic over the leak around the greenhouse window, emptied the veg waste bucket onto the compost heap, dug up a few leeks and fled back into the warmth of home.

Well that was the plan...but the padlock on the gate to the allotments came to pieces in my hand as I was on my way out, so I had to stop and figure out a plan of action.  No mobile phone, no access to tools or spares, not a soul about, what to do?
I had lost all feeling in my fingers by the time I had cobbled a temporary solution to the problem.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lovely morning

I went to the plot this morning, just to empty the kitchen waste bucket on to the compost heap, but it was such a clear crisp day I stayed to dig a bean trench....

I filled it with  kitchen waste and nasturtium foliage which has been running rampant in this mild autumn.  I just knew I had let those nasturtiums grow for some reason, not just laziness.

The green manure (winter mix) is getting quite tall now and there have been no frosts to knock them back, so I sheared one bed back, to see if it grows another crop.

The parsnips tops have started to die back.  I don't know if this is normal or if they are being attacked by something (I did find a little maggot on one of the leaves), I've never grown them successfully before.

Dug up some fine leeks and a few decent sized parsnips.

I also pulled a hundred little nasturtium seedlings out of the asparagus bed.

Monday, 1 December 2014

conclusion of green potato experiment

I have heard that keeping green potatoes in the dark might, if they aren't too badly affected, make them lose their greenness.

So, back in August, when I dug up the Desiree maincrop potatoes, and found that many of them were green, I chose the biggest tubers that had patches of green.  I made sure they were clean and perfectly dry and put them to store in an old tin box, excluding all light.

I can confirm it did work.

After three months in the dark nearly all of the green had gone.  I peeled them with not a trace of anything wrong with them.  But when I cut them in half....

How disappointing is that?

I cut more open and all the biggest tubers were in a similar state.  Probably nothing to do with the green on the surface, more to do with irregular watering while growing, I guess.

But I suppose we know now that it does work.