Monday, 1 December 2014

conclusion of green potato experiment

I have heard that keeping green potatoes in the dark might, if they aren't too badly affected, make them lose their greenness.

So, back in August, when I dug up the Desiree maincrop potatoes, and found that many of them were green, I chose the biggest tubers that had patches of green.  I made sure they were clean and perfectly dry and put them to store in an old tin box, excluding all light.

I can confirm it did work.

After three months in the dark nearly all of the green had gone.  I peeled them with not a trace of anything wrong with them.  But when I cut them in half....

How disappointing is that?

I cut more open and all the biggest tubers were in a similar state.  Probably nothing to do with the green on the surface, more to do with irregular watering while growing, I guess.

But I suppose we know now that it does work.

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