Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Last visit of 2014, probably..

Very frosty today on the first visit for a while, I have only been for the Christmas dinner parsnips (very tasty they were too, if very forked). But too cold to hang around today -1C overnight and climbing to a daytime 1C.

So I stapled a piece of plastic over the leak around the greenhouse window, emptied the veg waste bucket onto the compost heap, dug up a few leeks and fled back into the warmth of home.

Well that was the plan...but the padlock on the gate to the allotments came to pieces in my hand as I was on my way out, so I had to stop and figure out a plan of action.  No mobile phone, no access to tools or spares, not a soul about, what to do?
I had lost all feeling in my fingers by the time I had cobbled a temporary solution to the problem.

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