Tuesday, 21 April 2015

sowing time

I've been busy sowing seeds and the greenhouse is filling up.  Since this picture it has reached crisis point with the potting up of some of the tomatoes.
 All the fruit bushes are flowering except the loganberry, which seems to have died over winter.
 I managed to lower the bench in the shed to a more usable level.
 I picked the last of the leeks.
 The only new things growing at the plot (I hope they are growing) are broad beans, 10 seed potatoes (5 swift, earlies and 5 vivaldi, 2nd earlies) and a row of direct sown beetroot on a seed tape. The winter onions and the garlic are beefing up nicely, although the garlic leaves have started to go brown at the ends.

No sign of the asparagus yet.

There are lots of things waiting to go in as soon as it stops being so cold at night.

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