Thursday, 28 May 2015

Runner beans in

Runner beans in

The courgettes and cucumbers are at the plot and planted with a cloche over as it still coolish at night and it is very windy at the moment.

 And Crown Prince is in splendid isolation in a new cloche...

 Which proved to be a bit of a lightweight and flew over the fence in the night.
I found some windows and made a protective screen...

3 or 4 panes?

Which is most stable on uneven ground?  We'll see in the morning.

 The new window opener is working well, this one lifts 15kg rather than the 7kg of the other one.  I don't know if weight was the problem but just in case I got a stronger one.

Meanwhile the seller on Ebay has sent a replacement for the broken window opener, and it has gone on the home greenhouse window.  I couldn't see why it wouldn't work sideways, and it does! Yey!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

 The runner beans and the french beans have been moved to the plot

... Shortly to go in the earth under the X frame.

I planted out the celeriac in the corner of the shallot bed.  Lets hope they last a bit longer than last year's, which disappeared almost immediately, nibbled to death by slugs and snails.

Fruits on the tomato plants.

Monday, 18 May 2015

The night are still a bit cool to plant out the tender things yet, the temperature is going down to 6C most nights.
So I'm still doing the daily dance, taking them in in the evening, putting them out in the morning. But now instead of taking them in to the house and putting them out into the greenhouse, I am taking them in to the greenhouse and putting them out into the blowaways or garden.

We put the bean frame up today ready for when the nights are warmer.
Waitng to go are  9 runner and 12 french beans, 3 cucumbers (only 2 really as the third one is looking poorly) a crown prince pumpkin,  lots of courgettes, celeriac and a pot of leeks.

The potatoes are showing through the earthing up, and the winter onions and the garlic are bulking up nicely.

  No sign of rust so far, the outer leaves of the garlic have gone brown but it doesn't look like rust. (not sure if that is good or bad),  8 of 10 asparagus plants are showing signs of life.  The strawberry plants have got lots of flower on, the currant bushes have lots of berries, but the new jostaberries didn't flower this year. Two apple trees have blossom.

I'm watering often because everything is quite dry even though we had a few days of rain and cold, it hasn't been enough.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Lots of blossom on the old pear

New Pear tree

old pear tree
Lots of blossom on the old pear, none whatsoever on the new. Still, they are only little. I just hope the new tree is the right variety to flower at the same time as the other next year.

Waiting....for the nights and the soil to get warm enough to plant out the tender things.

I made a planting pocket with pony manure and compost at the edge of the hugelkultur bed for the pumpkin to go in.  It can then ramble all over the bed without intruding on anything else.

Friday, 1 May 2015


Set up some tomato plants in the potting shed.  I am trying this system this year. I thought the growbag would be lower so that more of the plant would be exposed to the light, but by the time the plant halos are in they are probably about the same height as a pot. A good job I lowered the shelf, then.

The nearest one is San Marzano, the other two are Marmande.

Bought 6 barrowloads of soil improver to fill up the sweet pea bed and earth up the potatoes, which are showing already.
If there is still some left at the weekend, I will get a couple more for the new raised bed box.