Thursday, 28 May 2015

Runner beans in

Runner beans in

The courgettes and cucumbers are at the plot and planted with a cloche over as it still coolish at night and it is very windy at the moment.

 And Crown Prince is in splendid isolation in a new cloche...

 Which proved to be a bit of a lightweight and flew over the fence in the night.
I found some windows and made a protective screen...

3 or 4 panes?

Which is most stable on uneven ground?  We'll see in the morning.

 The new window opener is working well, this one lifts 15kg rather than the 7kg of the other one.  I don't know if weight was the problem but just in case I got a stronger one.

Meanwhile the seller on Ebay has sent a replacement for the broken window opener, and it has gone on the home greenhouse window.  I couldn't see why it wouldn't work sideways, and it does! Yey!

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