Saturday, 27 June 2015

This is the linaria I sowed at home and it is a really pretty plant. It is tolerant, germinates readily, and the bees love it.

A hot day, the hottest of the year so far. I had to take cover in the middle of the day because of the heat.

Spent the day weeding with picking strawberries as a bit of light relief.  Since the last two damp days the weeds have accelerated growth, slugs also...

Thursday, 25 June 2015

First broad beans and new pond

Strawberries ripening nicely.  It is quite dull so they aren't ripening all at once which gives us time to eat them before the next lot.

We have had some rain at last, everything will race away now.

Had the first picking of broad beans last weekend, not that many yet and quite slimline, but very tasty.

It is warm enough at last to take the cloche off...
 The three new cucumbers on a mound.  They are looking a bit yellow though..
 The rest of the sweet corn were planted out.
 I put some very leggy dwarf french beans in between the rows of peas..
 Lots of unripe strawberries yet to come..
 The garlic is bulbing up..
 The sweet peas have a lot of good strong growth, but no flowers so far..
 The apricot foxgloves look good..
 I have a pond!
 And this is the space it is destined for.. You might not believe it, but there is a pond in there somewhere already.  Remember the baby bath?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Things going on as before.  It has been cold at night and warmish during the day, but the squashes and the runner beans don't like the nighttime cold much. The cucumbers have gone the long journey and I bought three new plants from the plant scheme.  The pumpkin is undecided about life, but it has sulked for so long now I think it is a goner.  A bit late, but I might try germinating another one, there just might be time if we are lucky with the weather.

fleece destroyed

simiane shallots
winter onions

Things are starting to fill out despite the cool weather and I picked 650g of strawberries today.