Friday, 24 July 2015

Jam, jam and more jam

Berries washed, picked over and made into jelly...

 ..and a summer pudding...

...which has since been consumed with enthusiasm by all the family (the pudding, not the jelly, we needed more jam like we needed a hole in the head as we now have 22 jars of jam in the cupboard... Jam anybody?)

The mangetout have finished so I took the supports out and they collapsed in a heap..

...and the sprouts and the red cabbage have got too big for the cloche so the big net has gone on...

Weeded the strawberry beds and pegged down some runners to pot up and sell in the allotment shop.

The squash has picked up a bit, the later leaves are looking quite sturdy, the stem has rooted at various points along its length which is giving the plant a bit more oomph. I think it is probably too late though, to make any squashes.  The courgettes are doing well though, and there are some babies on the cucumbers.

I cut the comfrey down and stuffed some in a bucket for liquid feed and put the rest on the compost heap.

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