Sunday, 5 July 2015

Its a bumper year for strawberries, I've picked at least 12 kilos so far and they haven't finished yet!

We've had some decent rain at last, some stonking  thunder storms, and everything is starting to grow again.  I might get some potatoes after this, the first plant I dug up had nothing underneath.

Some of the winter onions have succumbed to white rot, which I am sad about because up till now the winter onions had escaped.  That is one more place on the plot that I can't grow onions in.  The rest are looking good though...

The plot has switched into to full summer mode with more picking to be done at every visit.  Now's the time when the weeds get out of control.

I put up a new fruit cage last week...

....which means the hoops can be moved back to their original purpose over the brassicas.  I wasn't going to grow any this year as I am never really happy with them in the past, but I have 2 brussels sprout (Crispus) plants and I bought a tray of red cabbages from the plant scheme.

I put the cloches on while they are little, I'll put the big net on later.

The garlic got rust as usual, a bit later than last year I think, so they are out now and drying.
(yes, just checked and they were much rustier last year and out of the ground by 22 June)

Picking now are: peas, mangetout, broad beans, strawberries, beetroot, tomatoes.

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