Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lots of tomatoes but the end of strawberries


Marmande, buckling under the weight 

Nimbus side-shoots potted up

The first decent sized beetroot (seed tape)

New tool belt! Idea pinched from internet..

The strawberries are pretty much done for this year.   The total so far is over 15 kilos (35lbs-ish) and still coming, though not so much.
Because there are two lots, both old and new, we have had loads of fruit this year, but it is noticeable that the old strawberries are smaller and with more mouldy ones, presumably due to the lack of ventilation in the more crowded bed. I can safely take out that bed this year knowing we will have plenty of fruit in the new beds, we really don't need 15 kilos of strawberries, delicious though they are.

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