Sunday, 30 August 2015

All the potatoes are out now

Dug up the last of the potatoes, the vivaldi have done really well, plenty of tubers per plant and mostly nice and clean.  Some were scabby and some were holey, but not too many.  And how come that whenever you stick the fork in, no matter how carefully, you always manage to spear one of the good ones?

The pear tree is looking very promising, I might be able to try eating one with a spoon come December, as the publicity video says..

 The red cabbage (Kalibos, I think) is red right enough, but instead of a nice round head its just lots of wafty leaves and very little heart.

Maybe I am being impatient.

And while we are being impatient, are these sprouts on the Brussells or just leaves....

Sunday, 23 August 2015


The agapanthus which I grew from seed sown 3 years ago has produced a flower!

Another unexpected triumph is that there are 2 pumpkins on the crown prince squash plant.  I had given them up.  They are going to have to get a move on though before autumn sets in.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Picked the first runner beans

Picked the first runner beans today and more courgettes. I gave the courgettes away as I still have about 6 at home. I think I might have a mutiny if I serve them ratatouille again.

The sweetcorn are looking promising

Sowed some winter onion seed directly into the soil.  It is an early, cold resistant variety called Paris early white.  I'll hedge my bets and sow some normally in january if nothing comes of this sowing.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


The ever ongoing task of weeding the astroturf paths...

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

This is the time of year when I can feel any control over weeds that I might have thought I had, slipping away from me.

The rains of the last week have really set everything growing apace.
We are looking very flowery
rudbeckia, purple toadflax

eschscholzia, mesambryanthemum




But some of the flowers are looking a bit autumnal too..

poppy seed pods

Nigella seed pods
pear tree
...also lots of apples on the old tree, but only a couple on the new trees.

The courgette production is gathering pace,

2 day's production
...while the broad beans have finished...

I took the tops off yesterday and they have gone onto the old strawberry bed to rot down over the winter.  There were some new shoots growing from the bases of some of the plants, with flowers on, so I have left them for the moment as I have no immediate plans for the bed.  There might be a late picking.

I did think about putting the leeks in there, but looking at my plot plan I see that I had onions in that bed only last year, so it would probably be best to wait another year before using it again for alliums.
So it is back to plan A to put them in the potato bed.

The runner beans are coming on nicely, but the french beans on the right of the picture are not looking so happy. They are saved seed from the Monte Cristo last year, maybe they don't breed true.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Pretty butch looking sunflower.

The fronds of the asparagus were flopping about all over, and getting very annoying, so they got tidied.

 The top tassels are on the first batch of sweetcorn.  I thought that the later ones would have caught up by now but it looks as if they won't now.

This is just half of the sweet peas picked this morning, I gave the other bunch to a fellow plot holder who was in sweet pea poverty.

Forked over the ex strawberry bed, I will do a lasagne thing on it to build it up.

Took down the fruit cage, only one connector broken and I have a spare.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Old strawberry bed cleared

Clearance in progress. As I went along I took a few of the runners and potted them into a module tray.  If I get a trayful they can go into the shop next year or I can use them to fill gaps in the new beds.

I found this cheery little fellow on a pepper leaf.

Its a 14 spot ladybird.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

potatoes and blackcurrants

I put two kinds of seed potatoes in this year, only five of vivaldi (2nd early) and swift (1st early).  The swifts were a disappointment, not because of the variety I don't think, but because there just wasn't enough rain and I didn't water enough.  They only produced a few small potatoes from each plant.  But the vivaldi are looking promising...

This was just from one plant!  I've just been to weigh them on the bathroom scales and there is 8lbs!

I picked the blackcurrants and got about 2lbs of fruit, which isn't bad considering they were badly infested by aphids early on.  I will have to remember to check them earlier next year.

Picked another bucket full of broad beans this morning.

The runner beans are coming on, I spotted a tiny bean, about a centimetre long.

The banana shallots are getting silly now...

They are going to be huge...unless some storm or plague comes along to spoil it.