Sunday, 2 August 2015

potatoes and blackcurrants

I put two kinds of seed potatoes in this year, only five of vivaldi (2nd early) and swift (1st early).  The swifts were a disappointment, not because of the variety I don't think, but because there just wasn't enough rain and I didn't water enough.  They only produced a few small potatoes from each plant.  But the vivaldi are looking promising...

This was just from one plant!  I've just been to weigh them on the bathroom scales and there is 8lbs!

I picked the blackcurrants and got about 2lbs of fruit, which isn't bad considering they were badly infested by aphids early on.  I will have to remember to check them earlier next year.

Picked another bucket full of broad beans this morning.

The runner beans are coming on, I spotted a tiny bean, about a centimetre long.

The banana shallots are getting silly now...

They are going to be huge...unless some storm or plague comes along to spoil it.

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