Wednesday, 12 August 2015

This is the time of year when I can feel any control over weeds that I might have thought I had, slipping away from me.

The rains of the last week have really set everything growing apace.
We are looking very flowery
rudbeckia, purple toadflax

eschscholzia, mesambryanthemum




But some of the flowers are looking a bit autumnal too..

poppy seed pods

Nigella seed pods
pear tree
...also lots of apples on the old tree, but only a couple on the new trees.

The courgette production is gathering pace,

2 day's production
...while the broad beans have finished...

I took the tops off yesterday and they have gone onto the old strawberry bed to rot down over the winter.  There were some new shoots growing from the bases of some of the plants, with flowers on, so I have left them for the moment as I have no immediate plans for the bed.  There might be a late picking.

I did think about putting the leeks in there, but looking at my plot plan I see that I had onions in that bed only last year, so it would probably be best to wait another year before using it again for alliums.
So it is back to plan A to put them in the potato bed.

The runner beans are coming on nicely, but the french beans on the right of the picture are not looking so happy. They are saved seed from the Monte Cristo last year, maybe they don't breed true.

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