Monday, 28 September 2015

I made some bread and butter pickle (so called because it goes well with bread and butter).  Cucumbers, onions (or in this case shallots) and a red sweet pepper for appearances.  I hope it is going to keep okay in these coffee jars, I haven't got any proper kilner jars and the cost of buying them is an investment I am not prepared to make at this time.

The pears (loffelbirne) have been picked, some had some beak damage, so I thought I had better get them in before the birds do.  And according to the growers website, they should be picked unripe and stored till Decemberish.

The sweetcorn is starting to ripen at last, I was beginning to give up on it as the nights are getting quite cool now and the first frost feels just around the corner. The cobs picked so far are a good size and well pollinated and there are plenty of them.  Something has been eating the tips of some of the cobs, but so far only the ones on the tillers (side shoots)

The banana shallots (simiane) are falling about untidily all over the place, and I was tempted to pull them out. But as the tops are still growing strongly, I have taken out only the feeblest ones and left these for the moment.

The buckwheat green manure is coming up nicely, although my broadcasting technique definitely needs work! I don't know why it is called buckwheat, it is nothing like any wheat I have seen.

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