Thursday, 3 September 2015

Leeks transplanted

I retrieved the leek seedlings from under the sweet peas and re-planted them in the potato bed. They are all a bit bendy with being in the shade, but I hope they will straighten up.

I broadcast some buckwheat green manure onto the old strawberry bed, which is now topped up with soil improver.

I did a lasagne bed thing with it..1 cardboard, 2 kitchen waste and annual weeds, 3 newspapers, 4 soil improver.

I have noticed that the sunflowers beside the apple tree are looking a bit sick...

Now, that is the same part of the garden where the little apple trees died and the gooseberry bushes looked sick last year. I was hoping I might have cured it, but obviously not.
Its a bit worrying when I have just planted some jostaberry bushes and a new pear tree in that same bed.

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