Tuesday, 8 September 2015

On carrots

The morning was spent over the sink, washing carrots.

They are all pretty small, but there is a possibility that I might have three decent-sized ones that will do for the show. I'm not sure yet as I have only rough-sorted them,  I'll do the fine-sort before Friday.

Above are the biggest whole undamaged carrots

 These are the small and part carrots which I will use for snacking or cooking.

This an example of the typical damage.  Something has tunnelled into the side, usually near the bottom, then once maggot has reached the core it tunnels up through the carrot damaging the whole root.
I'm guessing it is carrot fly which is responsible.  They were growing in a box raised up off the ground so that the soil surface was at least two feet high, so in theory it should have been safe from carrot fly. Seemingly the fly hasn't read the book.  I did have a fleece cover on the box, but it shredded in the last wind and I thought, mistakenly, I might get away with it this year.

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