Monday, 7 September 2015

Preparing for the show

Thinking about the show which is due to happen on Saturday, always providing there isn't a sudden torrential downpour to wash us all out.
  • I've got 3 matched onions, but no raffia, so I tried one with a strand of hessian string and it could look quite good if I can keep it neat enough. Somebody told me that you do something with onions and talcum powder, but they didn't tell me exactly what...
  • I've got 3 beetroots roughly the same size so If I can get them clean without damaging them they might do.
  • I have a box of carrots in the back garden which are of unknown quality so far, I will investigate tomorrow.
  • I've sweet peas and runner beans galore, which I can pick on Friday.
  • I can put in a jar of the currant jelly I made last month.
Things that won't star...
  • the shallots are too big, if I put six of those out they would fill the table, besides, they aren't ready and I don't want to pull them yet. (Like lots of other things in the plot)
  • the broad beans are too small
  • the courgettes are all different sizes (one enormous one - see pic below)
..and they have been nibbled by slugs underneath.
  • The crown prince squashes have grown two fruits at last, but too late...too late...they are only the size of grapefruit.
  • the sweetcorn aren't ripe yet, I picked an exploratory one today and although it was fully pollinated from top to bottom, the kernels are small and still pale yellow. I gnawed on it and it was quite tasty, even so.
  • there is only one presentable gladioli left, they were brilliant last week.
  • apples and pears, I have, but they are not ripe.
  • the blackberries are ripening slowly, but there probably won't be enough to fill a plate full.
  • the red cabbages are all leaf and no heart.
  • And the leeks...I only replanted them a few days ago.

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