Saturday, 12 September 2015

Show day 2015

Sadly, grey and wet, very wet, but not so wet that the show was called off, which would have been a disappointment to all of the 20 people that turned up.

By the time the gates opened at 12.30 the rain had stopped, but by that time the path in front of the show tent had turned liquid.  I nipped up to my plot, rolled up my new astroturf paths and laid them down over the muddiest parts in front of the entrance and that helped minimise the clarts a bit.

I was manning the plant stall where the few veg plants went like hot cakes, but the flower plants attracted less interest.  There were some nice plants too, three different varieties of foxglove, three  or four of lupin, all nice sturdy plants. But even with the bad weather, the stall made £57.50, half of which goes into the plant scheme coffers for seeds for next year.

I did surprisingly well in the show;
firsts for

  • three garlic bulbs
  • pickled sliced beetroot, 
  • photograph taken on our allotment site, as below:

thirds for

  • three onions
  • three carrots
  • one sweet pepper
  • six sweet pea stems
  • jar of jelly
  • jar of chutney
I am particularly pleased with the awards for the onions, jelly and chutney. The other thirds were not so well earned because they were mostly third out of a field of three.

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