Friday, 16 October 2015

pondering on a pond

I dug a hole, but on reading (belatedly) the instructions that came with the liner, I discovered that the place I have chosen for the pond is completely unsuitable. It is too wet, oddly enough, and would flood underneath the liner.  I had thought of this a while back, but managed to ignore my misgivings because I didn't want to know.
So the liner is still in its packet while I re-think.

I'm still getting some produce although it is petering out now, these are probably the last tomatoes and courgettes for this year.  I've been leaving the runner beans to get big and it always surprises me how very pink they are out of their pods. These have gone into the freezer for cooking later.  I could dry them for soup, but I found that last year they were a bit too big for soup and stayed tough even through lots of cooking.  I was hoping to have some smaller french beans to dehydrate, but, alas, it is not to be this year.

A year end treat, Ribston Pippins, from the favourite tree of my friend and mentor MGG who is now sadly no longer with us.  He is missed.

I needn't have worried, the red cabbages are developing nice solid hearts after all, and I have Brussells sprouts!

I transplanted the winter onions that have grown from seed (Paris early white) to their permanent home.

 There are only about 20 plants so I bought some sets in the market (Senshu) to fill the rest of the bed. I didn't have time to put them out today so they will keep till I do have time.

I sprinkled the bed with Blood, fish and bone and some rock dust.  I didn't apply very much fertilizer as I have read that the plants shouldn't make too much fleshy growth which might suffer in a frost.

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