Thursday, 8 October 2015

The place where the pond was to be is looking a bit forlorn, so I have ordered some pond liner fabric to make a pond more in scale with the chosen site. I will still need to do some digging, but hopefully not as much as with the fibre-glass liner.

I only planted out half of the 108 perennial bargain plug plants, the rest have gone into modules, which I am hoping to overwinter in the plant scheme greenhouse.  If they survive, then they can go on sale for the Allotments Association.

Today's pickings...the last of the first batch of corn, some funsized, some proper sized.

The second sowing is almost ripe, but I don't know if they will ripen now it is colder. Saying that, the courgettes are still popping up.

As expected the crown prince didn't succeed to the throne, this is the only survivor.

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