Friday, 13 November 2015

The temperature yesterday went to 17C! This is November in NE England, for heaven's sake!

I was cutting the old asparagus fronds down and discovered new shoots coming up!

Crazy climate!

This is one of the unripe sweetcorn cobs that I have put on the bonfire, such a shame they didn't enough sun and warm to ripen them properly, another week would probably have done it.
I suppose it is a chance you take, trying to grow things that don't really belong in your particular climatic zone.

Nearest the camera, two rows of Early Paris White are looking healthy.
The onion sets in the middle are sprouting away nicely.  The danger is that they grow too many juicy leaves and then get clobbered by winter frosts.
No sign of the garlic at the far end yet, but it is early days for that.

Still too wet to do much, the wind blew the netting off the brassicas, but I managed to retrieve it and the pigeons have missed their opportunity.

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