Monday, 9 November 2015

winter lull

Gone quite cold now, but no frosts and still mildish for the time of year. Averaging about 10-12C most days.
The magic date of 1st November has passed, but without the usual accompanying pyromania, due to incessant wetness in the air.
It would seem I was wise to re-site the pond liner as the first hole I dug is now full to the brim of rainwater, and the frogs are loving it.
I have harvested a red cabbage and two batches of brussells sprouts, all the red shallots are lifted and are at home, drying in the greenhouse.
I have taken home the biggest of the apples and left the small ones for the birds.
The second sowing of sweetcorn haven't ripened, which is a shame because otherwise they were perfect.

 The runner beans are down, also the sweet peas.  I will leave the stems on the soil, to rot down rather than burning them.

This is the biggest celeriac! I think I might not bother with them next year. I have never yet managed to grow any celeriac bigger than a tennis ball.  (Sorry about the fuzzy photo, I have an accumulation of fluff in the Nokia's camera lens)

I have some pre-loved decking planks with which to make a new bed where the pond is, but everything is too soggy to do anything so it will have to wait for dryer weather.

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