Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A lovely day after days of cold and wind.

Forked over the old brassica bed and found some more sprouts, little teeny ones, but still edible.
 I'm thinking I will put the seed potatoes (that I wasn't going to buy this year..ahem!) in that bed, but I just feel there is something I should remember about potatoes, brassica and lime that might be important.  I took a poll of available gardening opinion and the consensus, after a lot of ums and ars, seems to be that it will be okay.
 However, owing to a gammy knee I didn't get it all done, so have time to come home and consult the internet and my venerable Dig for Victory leaflet, on crop rotation.

I wish I could remember what kind of potatoes they are, in a fit of tidiness I threw the packet away, doh! I always said being tidy was over-rated.

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