Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Another fabby day, sun shining all day.  I actually broke into a sweat several times and even took my jacket off while at the plot.

The potatoes went in....

Ten seed potatoes of unknown variety.  They were earlies, I remember that much, and they MIGHT be Arran Pilot.

Got out the trusty soil miller now that the soil has dried up a bit and did over one of the newer raised beds.  Sowed a row each of  beetroot cylindra, beetroot solist, snap pea Jessy and mangetout  peas.

And guess what?.....Asparagus!

Not sure why it is brown rather than green, it blends in very well with the background.  Camouflage, perhaps? Not for picking yet though, the plants are still only babies, next year will be okay to pick a few.

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