Thursday, 7 April 2016

Another trip to the water sodden plot.  A nice day, sunny but cool. I have had other things on my mind at the moment, so the development of growth in the plot has taken me by surprise, the year is galloping on.

Turned over the small bed beside the rhubarb where the bonfires were.

Weeded the strawberry beds and took out surplus runners and replanted them in the bonfire bed, so six more little strawbs.

Picked the last of the red cabbages and some of the thicker leeks.  There are still a lot of leeks left but all pretty slimline.

Moved the netting tunnel from the red cabbage and brussels bed to the spring cabbages, which are looking a bit pathetic, so I'm hoping they might pick up with the warmer  weather.

The broad beans plants are mostly okay still, but the three end ones nearest the patch of forget-me-nots are looking as if they have been chewed by something, probably slugs/snails, so they probably wont come to anything.

Sprinkled the winter onions with ammonium sulphate to give them a lift after the winter.

Had a tidy of the shed so I could actually get in far enough to reach the slug pellets on the shelf.

Lots of new leaves on the fruit bushes, and the pear trees.  Not so much on the apples as yet, which is just as well as we are a long way off being frost-free.

At home I potted up the tomato Nimbus armpits I have successfully over wintered (I hope!),  They are now out in the greenhouse instead of the kitchen windowsill, but I will have to watch out for frosty nights still.  Sowed some latah bush toms, marmande and cucumber la diva.

The sweet peas have germinated at last after about 10 days. I may have to buy more plants this year as I am so behind with sowing.

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