Friday, 27 May 2016

After the excitement of my day trip to RHS Chelsea...'s back to my own little patch of garden. My plot couldn't be more different to a flower show, not much flowering and lots of weeds. although to be fair, the forget-me-nots are flowering their socks off, but there is a school of thought which considers them as weeds too.

As I am going to be absent next week, I have decided to plant out the french beans. they are desperate to be out of their root trainers and even though it might be cold, I think they will be better off in the soil.  I have rigged up a bit of shelter for them which might help them get through this cold spell.

The peas sown aren't a success, the row on the right is more a clump and the row on the left..isn't, it had a visit from a local cat/dog/fox.

The potatoes are coming up...

... the runner beans are looking healthy and are growing around their canes...

 ...and the winter onions and beefing up nicely....

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  1. It is such a relief to get things into the ground after the long wait. They seem to take off once their roots are free from pots. It is on my Bucket list to go to Chelsea one year.take care now. Marion x