Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Another warm day! I could get used to this!

Little soldier still roams the jungle..

Weeded, making a sustained attack on buttercups, trying to clear some ground to transplant the surviving perennial plug plants from last autumn. When I had a closer look at where I had overwintered them, there were more than I thought, but they are all small and stunted. Hardly any of the agastache have survived but there's half-a-dozen each of nepeta, lobelia and gaillardia. Plus all of the foxgloves which are obviously the hardiest of all. I'll give them a bit of tlc and hope..

(the next day a giant snail mowed the agastache...)

I set up cane wigwams for the climbing beans. I decided that this year I would keep the two kinds of beans separate rather than have a row as before.  Don't ask me why except that the tepees are more aesthetically pleasing and the french beans are called Cherokee Vale of Tears, so it seems appropriate.


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