Sunday, 15 May 2016

Bought some pea plants from the allotment plant scheme this morning (Early Onward, which if I remember rightly from last year weren't early at all, but hey, better than nothing)

I turned over one of the raised beds, adding some chicken pellets as I went and then wasted an hour trying to erect an A frame that I bought in  Sutton's sale a couple of years ago. 
I now remember why I haven't used it.  If the assembler is under 5ft4ins in height, it is impossible to assemble without a stepladder.  Stepladders on soil do not work. So I eventually used its component parts to make an ordinary X frame with netting for the peas to climb up. Nice idea but not practical. It didn't help that there was a cross member missing...another mystery.

Very little rain in the past 2 weeks, so the soil is hard and dry.

We have a tomato on one of the Nimbus sideshoot plants!

Only pea sized, but getting there...No earlier than last year, but earlier than the tomatoes raised from seed, probably due to the cold spring..

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